Dead Whabbits


Dead Whabbits
(Carcass Skunk x Cheetos)

My “Exodus Cheese x Sour Diesel IBL 2010”, called Cheetos was a success.
It increases trichome-production on its offspring and lends its kids a very nice
strong addition of smell & taste. This i wanted to take advantage of and mixed
Cheetos with my ‘Carcass Skunk’ which is: “Exodus Cheese x ONYCD v3 male”.

So, “Dead Whabbits” is:
[Cheese x (Chem91/ChemD bx2)] X (Cheese / Sour Diesel IBL 2010) male

The plants take around 56-63 days, but the Cheese-phenos dominate the line
and most of the plants will be done at 8 weeks after flip. Yields are very nice and
through the Cheese, everything fell off from the “finicky” Diesel and Chem and
only the easeness of growing a Skunk is left = very easy growing.

This “Cheese-hybrid with a roof of Chem & Sour Diesel” results in a reliable terp-
bomb that brings in fuely/OG-smelling buds with a very sweet candy-like overlay.
Like sweet rotten meat mushed together with very sweet candy/fruitsalad. The mix
is intoxicating and the effects are strong and more on the body side, while the head
is LIT, but the legs get heavy. The muscles relax and mood lifts way up (!) but smoke
too much of her and you will find yourself grinning in your couch craving to DEVOUR
the contents of your fridge.

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made by SAN

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