Snow Thrower


Snow Thrower
(The White x Sour Diesel)
2018 was the birth of ‘Sno Troer’. I used the White clone only (Krome’s Cut) and
hit her with Pollen from a male that i found in seeds i recieved via Bodhi (= Reser-
voir seeds “SD IBL 2010”).
This i worked into lines that favor the Kush-side and the Sour-side. Both Lines take
around 10w and yield heavy (Kushline) to very heavy (Sourline) with very potent smoke
and a mix of kushy and sour tastes/smells (in both lines). ‘Sno Troer’ is the best of both
worlds. This is the Kushline, enjoy.
10 Seeds/Pack,
made by SAN

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