Berry Nice Plants


Berry Nice Plants 2.0
(“Santa Maria” Bx2) F2

What Eskobar understood to be “Santa Maria Planck” was used as a mother for this 2nd backcross (IX-stage) and the results are nothing but spectacular.
The Terps of this cultivar are very strong Strawberry/Rhaspberry Candy and Cheese-like nuances are included as well. The Plants structure also speaks “Skunk” (, which made Eskobar correctly catergorize her into that group.

Preserving “Rhaspberry Truffle” (= “SM” x CR) gave me a great opportunity to work this taster into seedform. a RT-male was used to hit the clone esko called “Santa Maria” to create the 1st backcross known as “Berry Nice Plants” (v1.0).

I grew out 50 plants from that Bx1 to check on them and find special males to work the clone further to Bx2. This Bx2-generation i now made F2, to open up the treasure chest and be able to find my optimal males to do a good Bx3 later.

So, in less words … This “BNP 2.0” is a (“SM” Bx2 F2)-type.

This stage is the best stage to select for breeders. Some plants will have the typical diagonal upwards branching known from CR, while all of them will ex-press a variation of the “SM”-strawberry theme … The smaller phenos lean to the “SM”, the taller ones with a headier effect come from the CR. They take 8weeks to be done and don’t need much attention, just good soil and a tiny push in flower.
You will find everthing involved in the BNP-line = all types of red-/blackberries, dark chocolate truffle-cream and sweet, heavy, elegant ‘streetwalker’-perfume.

“BNP 2.0” is a very special pool to choose from, hopefully appreciated by any-one excited about currently hyped super-sweet berry-terps. This is a limited release before i finish the project and make the “SM” Bx3 available later on. It will never come back and once they are out they are out. This here is a mere stepping stone to a greater goal.

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