SanFune 2022


SanFune 2022
aka. Tropi-fume

“SanFune” (named by ‘Drip-n-wet’) has a long history in my little library. I created the F1 in 2013, combining Eskobar’s “Holy Princess” with males from Esko’s “Chocolate Cheese”. This i have developed into a few different lines with different dominant expressions.

The ones i like best are the “Tropi-Fume”-types that bring in tropical sweetness (like passionfruit, papayas, pineapple and citric types) from the “C99” and dark chocolate from the “Cocoa Kush” on a bed of red fruits (like rhaspberries, strawberries, cherries and blackberries) provided by what eskobar called “Santa Maria”.

The intesity of smells and the fruity/creamy/gymsock background from the “Cheese” is noticable in every pheno as well. Many of the modern US-candyterps are found in here… since at least 10 years now and without the rarity or heavy pricetag.

Mix it with an OG/Chem/Diesel-type, then compare and be amazed of the similar terps coming up.

This is 2 of my favorite Eskobar-Lines combined and worked into a “quasi” IBL-status. It inherits very reliable since a few generations and leaves shorter flo, heavier trichs and a mix of the amazing taste (and the used mother) in her kids.

The plants do not take longer than 9 weeks and bring in appealing sweet buds, that tend to leave “that oily ring” on your joint after only a few tokes. The plants are really easy to grow, since they need almost no attention from the grower. They are trained to just perform for everybody with good soil, but they will shine extra bright, if cared for by an experienced cultivator. The potency matches the exclusive taste, while the balanced effects leave you with a dreamy, creative head and rested limbs.

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