SeedHeaven seedshop started in 2013 as a seedshop focused on supplying a cannabis community with good quality genetics, but at a reasonable price. After about a year the shop moved to its own site, as an independent shop, but still with the rules of selling good genetics at a good price.

Good strains should be available for all, so SeedHeaven has a maximum price of 5 euro pr. seed, but most breeders stay between 3-4 euros. This ensures that everyone can afford a pack of good genetics.

We work with a variety of breeders that sell a variety of good strains, from indoor to outdoor, indica to sativa, to autoflowering and of course traditional landrace strains.

We do not sell seeds from the big international breeders, but instead from smaller more local breeders that breed for the love of the plant and not for the money. We are continuously looking for new small breeders, so if you are interested in selling your seeds at SeedHeaven, please give us a shout and we can have a chat!