(Ghost OG S1 x Durban) F1

The Durban used is a Dutch Durban line of High Quality Seeds. Thanks to my good German friend ‘Apollo’, who has a special selecting skill, for preserving and saving this old line.

It is a special plant: it is late (end of October), it is ugly, the buds are loose, the terps are delicate and it is not even mold resistant. Why still grow then? Because it has a unique high!

After the Triangle Kush, the Ghost OG is seen as the real deal OG Kush. Famous for its high quality effect. The selfed seeds were made by Cannaventure. For this cross I used a purple expression that had a really fun high. I was surprised that she was harvestable up North, and even more surprised that she had an exceptional mold resistance.

The Kush genetics in the cross fill in those massive loose buds of the Durban, together with the hybrid vigor this can give you big piles of harvest at the end of October. We grew these at Lat 52.

A friend tested these for me, but no pics. The pictures here are from the Ghost.

This is the one if you are looking for a highly enjoyable effect.

10 seeds pr pack.

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