KAC Haze


Mother: Killer A5 Haze
Father: Meridian Haze – C5 bx2

This is for the Haze lovers:

The Killer A5 Haze from ACE have a very nice woody incense aroma. The high is dark (if you compare it to the C5), it keep you up for hours, it has a lot of energy but you also can be completely in yourself and lost track of hours.It has a very strong sativa high which can be to much for those who are not familiar with the real sativa power. It was the best out of the selection; Strong, healthy, mold resistance and nice trichomes from the Malawi. Flower time 13/14 weeks.

The Meridian Haze (C5bx2) fathers gives the opportunity to cross a A5 (with a dash of Malawi) to a C5bx2.

The C5 has a much warmer and ‘pleasant’ high then the A5 (IMO), more refined – it massages your head and you WILL be high for the next 2-4 hours. The haze from the old days.

This gives a chance to search for your very own ‘elite haze cut’ from yesterday! There are also some Malawi pheno’s to be found in this pack.

Regular – 10 seeds
12-16 weeks flower time
Woody/incence, pepper, citrus, haze, catpiss, ‘church smell’
Very high yield

Special thanks to Santero


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