Blue Glue Haze


Mother: Gorilla Glue #4 x Blueberry Sativa/Lavender
Father: Meridian Haze – C5 bx2

Blue Glue is a hybrid strain primarily dominated by the Blueberry Sativa. It blends the potent effects of GG4 with the fruity and floral characteristics of Blueberry Sativa/Lavender. In this lineage, the Blueberry Sativa  takes the lead. It offers an excellent option for those seeking for a The GG4 gives it a chemmy taste and faster flower time. The mother is done within 8-8.5 weeks. It has a huge stretch of 2.5. It has surprisingly superb high wich you feel in your chakra, your body is relaxed (from the Lavender),  the Blueberry Sativa with great Thai influence gives you all feel good vibe!

The meridian give it another cerebral dimension to it and add some weight to it. Blue Glue dominants the line tho

The flowering time for Blue Glue Haze varies between 9 to12 weeks, with some phenotypes leaning towards longer durations due to Haze and lower flower times for some Lavender leaners. Most of them are done within 10/11 weeks. Very good voor SCROG, high yielding uppy high ganja.

Regular – 10 seeds pr pack
9-12 weeks flower time
Afghani hash/dark berry/pepper/haze/citrus
High yield

Special thanks to Santero

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