Iraqi Pilgrim


These seeds were collected by my friend Hasan, when he was on a pilgrimage, in Iraq, back in the summer of 2016. They did smoke weed in every little town they came to, and most of the weed contained more or less seeds. I have asked him several times, if he he would bring back some seeds for me, and this time i was lucky. He brought me a bag with close to 200 seeds.I grew out 10 seeds and found 2 nice males and i chosed 3 good looking females for this project. Two of the mothers was broad leaf indicas and the last one was leaning more towards a sativa dominated hybrid. Both males used was indica dominated.

The floweringtime on these are 8-10 week and the yield is above medium.

As these seeds have been collected over a big area in Iraq, they will display a variety of fragrance and taste. Terpene profile is ranging from coffee, earth, fuel and classic black hashish over to a lemony fragrance of citrus and orange.

Expect a stoned/relaxed effect from this Iraq.

Some phenoes will show purple/black colors the last 2-3 weeks of flowering

Tested for Germination June 2021 – 100% in 4 days

13 seeds pr pack.

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