Pot of Gold


Pot of Gold
(Skunk #1 x Hindu Kush)
My friend meduser from Woodhorse asked me to repro another
line for him. I made Chocolate Thai and M39 for him before that.
This is POG, the old Flying Dutchman-regular seedline resurrected into a new
and fresh generation. It’s rumored to be an ancestor to the OG kush or at least
have a very similar combination of varieties that mirror the genetic make-up of
the known and quite appreciated cultivar. And indeed, there were Piney and
Lemony expressions in these Seeds … No fuel, tho. (But adding a Chemdog might
change that). Some minty nuances were found too, which add to her authenticity.
I reproduced these old seeds in open pollination to translate as many expres-
sions as possible into the next generation, not loosing anything along the way.
There were no hermies in them. So, there were no exclusions. I started with 10
seeds, but they were old and only six of the seedlings grew into plants that could
be used = Two males hit four females and made a big batch of seeds. I send 3/4
of them to Woodhorse and the rest to Seedheaven for the Derg Corra-section, so
europeans also have a chance to grab some without packs needing to travel (back)
over the ocean.
The Pictures show three of the Phenos, completely seeded.

10 Seeds, Made by SAN.

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