Candyberry F2


Candyberry F2
(Buddha’s Sister x Cocoa Kush)

The mother:
Buddha’s Sister is a ‘dark cherry’-tasting bud that has a more indica-appearance
but when smoked, shows a bit of sativa too. Soma’s selection takes 8 weeks to
be done, but excells at week nine. Little Attention is needed to grow this Lady.
She performed very well in soil, but made no trouble in other mediums.

The father:
DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush has become quite known. Esko’s Chocolate rain made good
use of this cultivars inheritance and lifted DJ’s creation into many people’s attention.
The same male that created Chocolate Rain was used for candyberry, and it shows (!)

Some sweet Candy-types and some dry/dusty Blueberry-Cocoa leaning phenos
showed and enriched my Library. They took 8 to 9 weeks and (as always with Esko’s)
grew by themselves, complete autopilot … The effects are first heady and then go
over to a relaxed state, hits the eyes and wanders to the rest of the body. i have to
admit that i was surprised by the high potency and no cieling-experience of these

This seedline was part of the ‘Chocolate Mix’ @ Sannie’s Shop in 2012/2013.
It’s quite rare and formerly impossible to find outside of the “Choocate mix”.
And it will never show again, so 6 F1-Females and 2 F1-males were let to do
their thing to preserve this very rare Esko-gem. And now it’s time to make it
available again for a few growers that appreciate Esko’s former regular work.

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