(Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain) F2


This seed release is part of a tribute to the seed maker, eskobar. Presented here are reproductions (f2’s) of his original release of Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain.

Esko crossed two exquisite chemovars to make his Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain. The Amnesia Haze mother was the much sought after selection, and first cup winner by Soma – the pure and true Amnesia Haze. And the father was gleaned by eskobar himself from his own seed-line of Chocolate Rain (a cross between DNA’s Chocolope, and DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush).

The combination has attained praise and appreciation within a small group of growers, and with this release it is now available to a wider audience as an f2, as well as honoring esko’s primary selections and work.
This f2 edition expresses aromas of tart raspberry candy with shades of chocolate and cream. Plant structure is branchy, often with 11-fingered fan-leaves, and lots of tight, kushy buds adorning the stems; very much a sativa/kush hybrid. Bell-ringing potency carries down to the off-spring as well.

For optimal performance grow from cuts of the chosen mother plant. This will shorten the flower time, as well as create a more compact and manageable plant.
The mother used finishes in 11 weeks, but the fathers will finish faster – this will help the F2 offspring to finish a little earlier.

Most plants can be harvested between 9 – 11 weeks.
A special thank you to Santero, SeedHeaven, and all the others bringing these repros back to light.

Peace and happy growing.
10 seeds pr pack!

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