Mazar-I-Sharif IBL


Mazar-I-Shariff IBL regular
4th generation of my fruity line found in 2009 from landrace seeds. Its story starts with a strawberry mom selected and reproduced two times outdoor, F2 and then backcross. The generations F3 and F4 are from indoor.

This famous strain created by Afghan farmers produce big oily resinous plants.
The aroma panel is large, from fruity strawberry and citrus to diesel kush and leather. Terpenes amounts and THCV are important and induce special mellow high and positive that is long lasting. At high doses, it’s more sedative and couchlock. Physical effects are strong, so better for relaxing than activity, mind effects are creative, spiritual and dreamy. Its hash is oily and black.
The variation in sativa and indica, induce different flowering times lasting from 9 to 14 weeks.

10 Seeds pr pack.

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