Zacatecas Purple IBL


Double pheno pack!
Contains 2 selected phenos from Hyp3rids.

One of several strains from the Zacatecas region of Mexico. Several females were crossed with a single male with great structure, strong branching and early onset of flowers
Good yield, with aromas of skunk, sour fruits, grape and pine.

The two phenos used are:

#1: candy+grape
Sweet floral and grape and covered in resin. Can be taken to 12 weeks, but we would not recommend longer. Pictures show pheno 1 at only 9 weeks, so plenty of time to develop even further.

#2: meat+skunk
Growing taller than #1 and with slightly broader leaves. The sweet floral smell has been replaced with skunk, sweat, meat mixed with pine and earthy tones. Buds are more compact and covered with resin. This pheno grows more purple tones than #1.

Flowering time is 10-13 weeks, depending on how you want it.


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