LA Confidential x Cocoa Kush


Aka :: Confidential Chocolate

I chose a male and female for this F2 cross to exemplify traits from each of the original parents.

The mother side of this repro was large and fast growing, with large lime-green flowers, and excellent resin production (traits attributed to Cocoa Kush). While she was growing in the tent, dark and musky chocolate aromas with hints of citrus and sweet fruit, stood out. The cured bud resonates with dark chocolate mixed with sweet leather scents. The smoke is very potent with notable effects of giggles and laughter. This is excellent feel-good party weed.

The father of the F2 had thick, robust clusters of pollen sacks, and grew at a slower rate than the chosen mother. His strength was production, and his traits clearly pointed toward the L.A. Confidential side of the cross.

The resulting F2s will illuminate the original intention of the cross.

Many of e$kob@r’s crosses were made with the proven Cocoa Kush father. It can be considered one of his signature motifs during the era spanning 2010 – 2014. The LA Confidential x Cocoa Kush selection is one of the rarer crosses of that time. As part of our tribute project we now make this gem available to anyone that wants to explore it.

** These are hard-shelled seeds **
This is due to the Afghani (L.A. Confidential) side of the genetics, and carries through to the offspring. Scuffing the seed-shell with a high grit sand paper before soaking will help the seeds absorb water to sprout. Also, if after soaking they’re still not sprouting, gently crack the bean between your front teeth. This really does work. Each pack has 15 seeds due to this issue, and allows you some room for growing out these gems. These plants are very much worth the extra step in the germination.

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