Helmand Glue


Royal Glue x Afghan (Helmand)

Indoor / outdoor
A couple of years ago, I obtained a freebie of GG4 x Choco Diesel from Santero. I found a special male which I crossed to my old Freezeland cut. I named this cross Royal Glue. In the Royal Glue line, I found a very GG4 leaning pheno with a dominant chocolate taste!

Most of these Royal Glue were resistant to most molds due to the added Freezeland, but not ready before mid October. To bring down the outdoor harvest time and increase mold resistance, I crossed my Royal Glue mom to a Helmand Afghan dad (thank you, DCC).

The result are plants with better weight, more resistance and ready early October at 45NL.
plants have a discreet diesel-like smell, hashy, almost chocolaty taste and lots of purple colors!

Indoor flowering: 63 to 70 days
Outdoor Harvest: late Sept to early Oct. (Lat 45)

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