Rhasberry Truffle F2


Santa Maria x Chocolate Rain F2
aka. Rhaspberry Truffle (named by SAN)
4-Seed Pack Eskobar seeds Freebie (Cannazon and TSD in 2015).
The reproduction was made with 2 females and 2 males in open
Male #4 had space between internodes, while the male #1 had very
close ones, went triploid on internode 8 for at least eight internodes
of growth, then continued normal.  He also sexed quite late, but both
dropped loads at the same time after flip. (interesting for seedmakers)
The female phenos (#2 and #3) were similar, but still mixed.
both showed sides from each parent but they leaned a bit away from each
other. Female #2 was more SM-strawberry/cherry and had her typical ‘star-
shaped’ buds, while female #3 was a tiny bit taller & carried a bit more yield,
had denser buds & better overall look/impression = leaning much more to a
CR-Rhaspberry expression.
Both phenos smelled amazing: sweet cherries/rhaspberries and were
done after about 8w (#2) and 9w (#3). they did not need much nutes or
special attention, typical for lines made by eskobar = easy growing.
Effects are creative, heady, social, positive, sensual … no jittery feelings,
no nervousness. the SM-softens the CR-edginess (real CR makes me jittery)
and brings in a warm happy feeling to the amphetamine-like CR effect.
Enjoy the first Eskobar-Tribute of some of his (rare) lines.
Please keep these really good genetics happy and alive.
Create your own lines and crosses, it’s rewarding and fun.
10 Seeds / Pack
Made by SAN
for Seedheaven

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