Citrus Parfait


Lemon Thai x Encore
Indoor / outdoor
These Lemon Thai f4 came from a very limited drop by santero and he released only 10 packs and I grabbed 2 packs. Made from the original f1 and a f3 of fusion seeds.
I selected a lemon candied pheno, then I pollinated her with my Encore stud (sweet tooth #4 IBL x Petrolia Headstash #3 f2). The result is a moderate stretchy plant, with a faster flowering than original mom with a taste that reminds me of “le citrus parfait”
She really has the head high from the Lemon Thai, but after some time she lets you relax and contemplate.
The perfect evening smoke for having great talk with friends or your loved one!
Indoor 63 to 70 days
Greenhouse late October early November at 45NL

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