Chocolate Diesel F2


Chocolate Diesel F2

The F1-seedline was made by Maphial aka. Santasmoke and were rare from the get-go.

6 F1 females were hit by (2) F1 males (chocolate trip x sour diesel v1.5 male) to create these F2-seeds.

An “almost-from-start-extinct” variety brought back for everyone to grow and enjoy.

The CD’s are sativa-dom hybrid plants, although there are dark and broader leafed phenos
in there that pop up because of the “indigo diamond” used in the chocolate trip-motherplant.
these phenos are more stout with less of the typical diesel stretch and smell and more of a
squat appearing and with more indica traits. The sativa leaners dominated the F1, though.

The plants had very nice vigour and grew fast in height and branched fast as well. Topping is
recommended for many big tops, they responded well to topping… with enough veg-time and
lot of love they yield quite good (managable also for beginners, hardy plants). I found smells
ranging from meaty diesel over hazy sativa (bit ‘woody’ and a little peppery ‘spicy’) to a more
earthy mossy, chocolate twist in the buds.

The structure of the plants is mainly xmas-tree but some
have a somewhat collumnar shape with a bit of branching.

The buzz starts out head-dominant, has some body that grounds the effect. good potency and
a crystal clear head-effect on most of them (made me talk a lot and was a perfect ‘social’ toke.)
the more indica plants brought a bit of a mental blockage-producing effect but it was very nice
for hanging out and being lazy.

the F1 that produced these F2-seeds took about 9-10 weeks to be done.
very appealing genetics, if one is an admirer of the parental lines used.

13 Seeds per pack
Made by SAN for Derg Corra Project.

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